EMS - An Introduction to Congenital Cardiovascular Disorders
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Children with congenital heart defects live longer and more productive lives, thanks to advances in heart surgery over the past 30 years. Many of those children are today's adults. Research has not been fully able to analyze the long-term results of congenital heart defect surgery, but early indicators suggest there may be a higher incidence of sudden death and significant emergent cardiac dysthymias among the congenital heart defect cohort. Increased awareness of patient care challenges is needed as prehospital care providers are called on to treat survivors of congenital heart defects. This course will describe the different types of congenital heart disorders that send either too much blood to the lungs or too little blood to the lungs or body. It includes information on assessing patients in the prehospital setting and provides guidance on types of treatment recommended for these emergencies.
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EMS - An Introduction to Congenital Cardiovascular Disorders