Language Access and the Law
Produced by: Critical Meaures
Language Access and the Law is an interactive, e-learning course designed to increase your understanding of the business, medical (quality/safety) and legal reasons for providing language access services to Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients. The course is based on a comprehensive patient case study that provides an overview of federal language access law and national best practices in a wide variety of health care settings. These settings include: a health plan, physician clinic, emergency room, outpatient-pharmacy and an inpatient hospital setting. Language Access and the Law was developed by Critical Measures, a national consulting and training firm specializing in cross-cultural healthcare. The course was designed by a leading physician practicing in the area of immigrant and refugee medicine and an attorney and cross-cultural trainer with extensive experience in the law of language access under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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Language Access and the Law