Stress Testing in Cardiac Nuclear Medicine TechnologyCE
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Program Description: Stress Testing in Cardiac Nuclear Medicine Technology is designed for the nuclear technologists specializing in nuclear cardiology in the area of exercise stress testing with and without pharmacologic agents. The first part of the course addresses exercise stress testing measurements and indications, and patient selection and care. The last section gives an overview of pharmacologic stress testing and radioimaging, including agents, protocols, and patient monitoring. Completion: To receive continuing medical education credit, you must view each topic, participate in each activity, achieve at least an 80 percent passing rate on the posttest, and complete the course evaluation. Program Disclaimer: The accuracy of the facts and opinions contained in this course are the responsibility of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of echelon® or its sponsors. Practitioners should consult primary resources, state regulations, and their healthcare facility policies and procedures for specific application of said content to their local situation.
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Stress Testing in Cardiac Nuclear Medicine Technology