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Recent studies indicate that medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States, killing more people than highway accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS. In response, government and regulatory bodies have set forth stringent patient safety guidelines and increasingly punish healthcare providers for not preventing medical errors.

HealthStream’s Patient Safety Library is designed to address today’s most compelling and problematic patient safety issues, including improving patient communication, blood product safety, medication safety, and HIV precautions.

The library provides the training needed to help establish a culture of safety, reduce risk, and increase patient safety. Not only is this library focused on better patient outcomes, but it is a valuable tool for hospitals seeking to lessen the financial impacts of risk exposures and unforeseen events. Healthcare truly can be transformed by incorporating critical care initiatives, leading to an environment where patient safety is a foremost concern of every healthcare practitioner.

********Regulatory compliance requirements can vary across healthcare organizations. Provision of information on regulatory standards in these courses does not certify that the courses wholly or partially address all respective guidelines, standards, and measures that affect a given organization. The HealthStream Regulatory library is intended to provide a foundation for mandatory clinical and non-clinical training to healthcare employees, however it is the responsibility of each organization to review all regulatory courses to determine how the information meets their respective needs. HealthStream makes no representations or warranties that any particular course fulfills the regulatory compliance requirement of any particular healthcare organization, as it is the organization’s responsibility to make such final determinations regarding regulatory compliance requirements.*********
Improve Outcomes
  • Reduce medical errors
  • Improve patient satisfaction
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    Patient Safety Library