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Studies show that 180,000 injuries and deaths occur in the U.S. each year due to errors in medical care, many of which are preventable. Although most healthcare consumers believe that these errors are the result of the failures of individual providers, medical errors most often result from a complex interplay of multiple factors rather than the carelessness or misconduct of single individuals. Reduction of Medical Errors focuses on patient safety, root cause analysis, and medical error prevention. This interactive course discusses the importance of replacing a culture of blame with a culture supporting honest reporting, thereby building a successful plan targeting known problems. Assign the Reduction of Medical Errors today to reduce errors at your facility.
Minimize The Human Factor
  • Standardize Systems
  • Learn Human Factor Engineering
  • Implement SBAR Communication
  • Post-test to measure learning comprehension
  • Media rich content ensures engaged learning
  • Printable transcript and glossary of terms for
  • Interactive activities provide knowledge checks
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The Reduction of Medical Errors course uses interactive
learning activities to reinforce key concepts.