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SkillSoft’s Business Skills Collection provides over 375 courses for professionals, offering support for the broad variety of skills that organizations need to develop internal management and leadership competencies. The courseware collection covers topics such as, Professional Effectiveness, Management and Leadership, Communication, Project Management, Team-Building and Customer Service. SkillSoft’s business skills courses employ a variety of instructional strategies to engage learners with high levels of interaction. Included in this collection are rich, multi-path SkillSims that enhance the interactive courseware experience by immersing learners in rich media, task-based, multi-path simulations to provide realistic practice in the business subjects. The library is closely maintained by SkillSoft and is therefore subject to change on a quarterly basis.
Develop Proven Managers and Leaders
  • Maximize learning’s effectiveness by placing corporate initiatives in context of the needs of individual employees
  • Train more learners, in more subjects in less time than ever before
  • Practice newly learned skills through Skill-Sims which offer an experience-rich, risk-free environm
  • Flexible purchasing options allow for personalized learning plans
  • Comprehensive topic coverage from novice to expert
  • Over 375 courses and 100 rich, multi-path simulations
  • Audio, Case Studies, Simulated Dialogues and RolePlays
  • Mandatory practice of all testable content within the instructional flow
  • Job Aids and SkillBriefs Articles for increased skills transfer
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Skillsoft Business and Management Skills