Advance Care Planning
Gundersen Lutheran Administrative Services, Inc
Studies have shown that as little as 15% of Americans have completed advance directives in place, and many patients receive end-of-life care that is inconsistent with their wishes and beliefs. Despite their best intentions, many health care professionals are uncomfortable having advance care conversations with their patients. Since 1999, Gundersen Lutheran’s Respecting Choices program is widely accepted as best practice in Advance Care Planning, with compliance rates of over 98% in following advance directives. By implementing Respecting Choices, healthcare professionals can reduce undesired procedures and interventions, allow providers to follow patient’s wishes with certainty, and create a less stressful environment for family members and loved ones making difficult decisions.
Implement system-wide best practices
  • Increase compliance to advance directives
  • Develop cohesive advance care planning team
  • Case scenarios studying challenges in
  • Interactive Patient Simulations
  • Resource Library and Glossary for further
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Interactive case scenarios present realistic advance care
planning facilitation opportunities.