Module 03: Flammable Gases and Aerosols
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Flammable gases and aerosols are extremely dangerous and a single spark can cause massive fire and explosion. Aerosols have flammable propellants under pressure and increase in temperature can cause containers to explode. This module focuses on the hazards associated with chemicals and products that are defined by the GHS as flammable gases and aerosols. Important information regarding the dangers of explosion and the safe handling of containers of flammable gases/aerosols are also discussed during this training session. Module 3 informs workers of the routes of exposure and the target organs that may be affected by exposure to flammable gases and aerosols. Specialized Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and procedures for handling incidents involving flammable gases/aerosols are also featured.

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Module 03: Flammable Gases and Aerosols