Module 04: Flammable Liquids
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Flammable liquids produce vapor that can easily ignite. The degree of hazard depends on the amount of vapor produced at a given temperature. Some liquids are extremely flammable and can produce enough vapors to be ignited by heat from a light bulb; whereas other liquids require application of heat to catch fire. Module 4 focuses on the hazards associated with chemicals and products that are defined by the GHS as flammable liquids. This session trains employees in handling a spill or leak with or without the involvement of a fire. This module also provides basic first aid measures to be taken in the event of an exposure involving skin contact. This training session also provides information on handling a flammable liquid that is also: (a) toxic, (b) toxic and corrosive, (c) corrosive and water-reactive and (d) self-heating.

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Module 04: Flammable Liquids