Module 05: Flammable Solids
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Flammable solids rarely catch fire on their own. Mostly it is vapor produced by a flammable solid that is ignited by a source of heat. Solids that produce a lot of vapor are easily ignited. Also, solids that are in a fine particulate form undergo dust explosion. The hazards associated with chemicals defined by OSHA/GHS as flammable solids are discussed in module 5. During this training session users are instructed how to handle an incident involving a flammable solid that is spilled or is on fire. In addition, information is included about the target organ effects of exposure to these types of chemicals and the first aid measures to be taken. Information is provided for flammable solids that are also: (a) toxic, (b) water-reactive and (c) self-heating.

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Module 05: Flammable Solids