Module 10: Self-Heating and Self-Reactive Substances
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Self-reactive substances can undergo auto-polymerization. For example: they can react with themselves under suitable conditions. Usually exposure to heat causes runaway self-reaction that can result in an explosion. Self-heating substances usually absorb oxygen from the air and undergo slow oxidation. The heat produced from this slow oxidation can cause a decomposition and fire or explosion. This training module provides information about the hazards associated with self-reactive substances; procedures for handling an incident and the protective measures that should be followed when using or storing these substances. Information is also provided on protecting self-heating substances from sunlight and other heat sources and precautions to follow when handling the disposal of self-heating substances. Information about substances which on contact with water emit flammable gases or cause an exothermic reaction hazard are also included.

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Module 10: Self-Heating and Self-Reactive Substances