Module 13: Acutely Toxic Substances
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Some chemicals produce symptoms of exposure soon after they enter the body and are classified as acutely toxic substances. Chemicals can be extremely toxic and can be lethal on inhalation, ingestion, skin contact, skin absorption or even eye contact; therefore may require special engineering controls such as fume hoods or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as respirators to work safely. Also many of the toxic chemicals can cause cancer or birth defects. This GHS training module defines the categories of acutely toxic substances based on the degree of their toxicity and the specialized PPE requirements for handling a spill or fire involving an acutely toxic substance. First aid procedures for exposures involving ingestion, inhalation and skin or eye contact are provided. Included in the module are the handling procedures for toxic chemicals that are also: (a) flammable, (b) corrosive, (c) flammable and corrosive, (d) water-reactive, (e) oxidizers and (f) self-heating.

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Module 13: Acutely Toxic Substances