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Hospital patients may have doubts, fears, and anxiety about the care and treatment they will receive. The hospital experience is a new one for most patients and they often look to their healthcare providers for strength and reassurance as well as medical therapy. The majority of physicians recognize that caring is central to their role. They care deeply about their patient’s physical and emotional wellbeing and believe that they are providing the best possible care. Unfortunately, sometimes patients do not feel that caring and as a result, have the perception that the overall healthcare experience was less than optimal. Effective communication has a tremendous and immediate impact on patients. Their entire experience is driven by the level of positive interpersonal interaction at every touch point during their hospitalization. This course focuses on how physicians and other healthcare providers can improve patient experience and clinical outcomes by improving and refining their communication skills. Specifically, this course discusses RELATE, a model for effectively communicating with patients and family members. Interactive patient care scenarios are used to help the learner identify the effectiveness of his/her communication and its impact on patient anxiety level and overall experience.

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RELATE(SM) for Physicians