HCCS Customized Corporate Compliance Library (HCCS_02)
Health Care Compliance Strategies (HCCS)
In today's environment, medical personnel cannot afford to take risks with lawsuits and other potentially devastating consequences that can be associated with failing to comply with internal standard operating procedures. Along with potentially costing millions of dollars, allegations of wrongdoing can damage an organization's reputation. Internal guidelines are set to protect healthcare providers from future lawsuits or penalties, meaning that healthcare and corporate compliance are inexorably linked and critical for an organization's continued success.HCCS recognizes just how critical it is for the staff at healthcare institutions to understand and follow the guidelines set by the organization along with following government regulations. This course explains these rules in a unique online / Internet training program for employees at all levels. It is a cost-effective way to avoid the risks of fraud and abuse, and reduce the costs associated with employee education.
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      HCCS Customized Corporate Compliance Library (HCCS_02)