HCCS Customized HIPAA Compliance Library (HCCS_04)
Health Care Compliance Strategies (HCCS)
The federal government has established a series of rules designed to protect the rights of patients and ensure that their personal information stays private. Enforced by the Office of Civil Rights, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) establishes a series of procedures that must be followed in order to ensure patient privacy. In order to avoid major government fines, it’s critical for healthcare providers to maintain HIPAA compliance. HIPAA privacy training should be a critical part of your organization’s ongoing staff training. But many people only think that it’s important for the back office staff who handles paperwork and billing to fully understand HIPAA regulations. However, problems with HIPAA compliance can occur at any part of an organization. It’s essential for healthcare providers to make sure that doctors, nurses and all other staff are not just aware of HIPAA privacy compliance regulations but are expertly trained and able to fulfill all of the needed requirements. HCCS has created a comprehensive, multimedia HIPAA training course for every employee. This course provides training modules on HIPAA awareness as well as training modules that contain information employees need to know regarding Privacy, Security and Electronic Transaction. Our HIPAA online training is designed to engage your staff, making sure they pay attention and retain the information provided to them so they can use the proper practices in the real world.
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      HCCS Customized HIPAA Compliance Library (HCCS_04)