HCCS Customized EMTALA Compliance Library (HCCS_15)
Health Care Compliance Strategies (HCCS)
The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) regulations, also known as the "patient anti-dumping law", define the obligations of Medicare participating hospitals when patients present in the Emergency Department or are seeking emergency medical care. EMTALA was originally enacted to prevent the transfer of patients with emergency medical conditions from one hospital to another for financial reasons, such as no insurance. Now the rules cover a wider variety of emergency room patient treatment issues. EMTALA enforcement at hospital facilities by the federal government has been increasing, resulting in many high profile and costly settlements. All affected personnel must be educated on their role and responsibility under the law to protect their facility from civil monetary penalties, lawsuits and potentially, exclusion from the federal Medicare program. The HCCS EMTALA Compliance online training course is designed to educate staff about when and where EMTALA applies, when EMTALA obligations end, what their responsibilities are, and what the violations are.
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      HCCS Customized EMTALA Compliance Library (HCCS_15)