HCCS Customized Home Health Compliance Library (HCCS_17)
Health Care Compliance Strategies (HCCS)
Home care accounts for billions of dollars in Medicare and Medicaid expenditures. Like hospitals and nursing homes, home care providers must meet strict standards for documentation, the quality of services provided and the delivery of care. Meeting these standards results in a provider being accredited, a sign of quality that persons seeking home care should look for. Medicare and Medicaid have rules and regulations for billing these services. The consequences for failing to comply with regulations can be costly, potentially resulting in the loss of revenue and enforcement actions. The first step in maintaining compliance with regulations and reducing risk is to provide annual updated, expert compliance education to all staff members. This engaging, multimedia online course from HCCS will educate staff on the regulations and compliance issues specific to home health agencies (HHAs).
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      HCCS Customized Home Health Compliance Library (HCCS_17)