Healthstream's Post-Acute Care Library
HealthStream, Inc.
HealthStream is proud to offer our new Post-Acute Care Library. OSHA, Accreditation bodies and Federal Regulatory mandates continue to increase, which dictate what measures need to be in place to ensure the safety of residents and staff in all post-acute care facilities. With a culturally diversified staff and the increase of aging residents, proper care needs to be instilled in each caretaker to avoid risk to residents and staff alike. This library of courses help staff maintain a strong knowledge and skills set needed to properly care for residents they will encounter, while ensuring they follow proper procedures and guidelines at all times.

The library has mobile capability, and allows for annotations within courses in order to meet specific organizational needs. The courses have a new user interface, and include five supplemental learning games which are a fun and interactive way to enhance learning for all types of users. The games also demonstrate an understanding of some of the course topics that are covered in the Post-Acute Care Regulatory library.

********Regulatory compliance requirements can vary across healthcare organizations. Provision of information on regulatory standards in these courses does not certify that the courses wholly or partially address all respective guidelines, standards, and measures that affect a given organization. The HealthStream Regulatory library is intended to provide a foundation for mandatory clinical and non-clinical training to healthcare employees, however it is the responsibility of each organization to review all regulatory courses to determine how the information meets their respective needs. HealthStream makes no representations or warranties that any particular course fulfills the regulatory compliance requirement of any particular healthcare organization, as it is the organization’s responsibility to make such final determinations regarding regulatory compliance requirements.********
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