Nutritional Needs and Diet Modifications for Physical TherapyCE
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For most people, eating is both a necessary and enjoyable activity. There is a very wide range of food types, ways to prepare the same types of foods, and places to purchase raw ingredients and ready-to-eat meals. Eating is more than a basic human need; it’s a social activity where people take a break from the daily grind to catch up with family and friends on the day’s events or have a few minutes to relax. For some people, though, the joy of eating is diminished due to illnesses and digestive disorders. These people don’t get to eat food like they did when they were younger or healthier. Many of them live in care facilities or resident homes where they have little control over their own diet, or they are home-bound and depend on others to do their shopping. Physical therapists may not be directly responsible for the diet needs of their patients, but they should consider these needs as they plan treatment and collaborate with the other members of the patient’s care team. This course discusses digestion, nutrition, and how a good diet helps patients become and stay healthy.

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Nutritional Needs and Diet Modifications for Physical Therapy