echelon - Critical Care Nursing Program (CCNP)CE
This critical care nursing series begins with a course focused towards the learning experience with online education and proceeds to cover the 8 body systems over 24 courses. Introduction to the Critical Care Nursing Program presents concepts related to declarative and procedural learning and guides the learner through accessing and evaluating medical resources on the Internet and through the specific components and functionality of the Critical Care Nursing Program. Cardiovascular System: A&P and Hemodynamics; Patient Assessment and Diagnostic Tests; Acute Coronary Syndrome and Heart Failure; Heart Disease and Injury; Case Studies and Medications Endocrine System: Hormones and Glands; Diabetes Hematology: A&P and Red Blood Cells; White Blood Cells; Maintaining Hemostasis and Immune Function Neurology: A&P and Assessment; Strokes; Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries; Disease States and Medications Pulmonary: A&P and Arterial Blood Gases; Assessment and Airway Management; Ventilation and Chest Tubes; Disease States Renal System: A&P and Assessment; Abnormalities and Treatment Gastrointestinal System Multisystem Failure: Shock; Shock Class and Treatment.
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      echelon - Critical Care Nursing Program (CCNP)