DSM-5: Substance Use DisordersCE
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The DSM-5 chapter immediately following Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders is a very extensive chapter on Substance Related and Addictive Disorders. The substance-related and addictive disorders are in some respects very similar to the disruptive, impulse-control, and conduct disorders because, like the latter, they are characterized by a tendency to act impulsively without regard to the consequences. In fact, many individuals with a history of early onset conduct disorder become substance users. In contrast to the numerous substance-related disorders covered in this chapter, only one non-substance-related disorder is discussed, which is gambling disorder. This course includes the necessary information to help you understand all of these disorders, starting with a broad overview of substance-related disorders in general, and then more detailed coverage of disorders for specific substances. Lastly, you will find a full description of the addictive behavioral pattern that meets the diagnostic criteria for gambling disorder.

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DSM-5: Substance Use Disorders