Working with Youth From a Strength-Based PerspectiveCE
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Service providers have long struggled with finding effective ways to provide services and interventions to youth at-risk for a range of negative outcomes including substance related disorders, mental illness, and criminal activity. Strength-based approaches to treatment create the opportunity for positive outcomes and promote resiliency for at-risk youth. Strength-based approaches recognize that all youth have strengths and that these strengths can be used to create positive behavioral change. Furthermore, strength-based approaches are useful for increasing the self-efficacy of youth and developing a therapeutic alliance between youth and the professionals involved in their treatment. A strength-based approach is a necessary departure from problem-based perspectives often used in the behavioral health field. Problem focused treatment often fails to empower youth by preventing them the option to choose their own goals or identify objectives that will benefit them. This course will define a strength-based approach to working with youth, explore how it differs from a problem-based approach, and review techniques for applying strength-based approaches.

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Working with Youth From a Strength-Based Perspective