AORN - Medication Safety AssessmentCE
Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN)
The Joint Commission has stated that errors associated with medications are believed to be the most common type of medical error and are a significant cause of preventable adverse events. Help prevent medication errors by identifying misinformation and improving nursing knowledge with the use of this new tool. AORN now offers an Adult Medication Safety Assessment that can be used as an on-boarding tool to establish a baseline level of knowledge on medications and also knowledge of Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices. Knowledge of perioperative medications and safe practices is critical for positive patient outcomes. This 100-question online independent study assessment will help identify knowledge gaps related to perioperative medications. Educators, managers, orientation coordinators, and staffing agencies for travel nurses will find this a helpful tool for on-boarding newly hired, experienced RNs. It can also be used by individual nurses as a self assessment to identify knowledge gaps.
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      AORN - Medication Safety Assessment