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National Sedation Center
One of the most important elements of procedural sedation is the understanding that sedation is not a constant--it is a continuum. The use of sedation drugs outside of the operating room has expanded dramatically in recent years and it is becoming increasingly important for the non-anesthesiologist healthcare professional to fully understand every aspect of procedural sedation. In the Minimal Sedation course, students learn how to develop a plan for a safe procedure and to identify the signs that indicate that a patient has moved from minimal to moderate sedation. Students also learn the four levels of sedation as defined by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), how to chart vital signs, and how to actively manage a patient discharge. The Moderate Sedation course continues this path by providing three case-based scenarios that are frequently performed outside of the operating room. The sedation continuum, increased monitoring requirements, emergency preparedness, and closed looped communication are all part of this interactive course.
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      National Sedation Center - Minimal & Moderate Sedation Bundle