Aging Out of Foster CareCE
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Each year an estimated 24,000 to 30,000 youth age out of foster care without having obtained a permanent family environment or long-term support system. Many of these youth are in crisis and struggle to function independently. Youth who age out of foster care have been observed to struggle with homelessness, incarceration, poor educational attainment, high rates of unemployment, and substance abuse (Spencer et al, 2010). Foster care agencies have created independent living programs to address some of the challenges that face older adolescents and youth aging out of the foster care system, but many are not effective at creating positive outcomes. Foster care agencies must look towards providing long term care for young adults who age out of the child welfare system. This overview of providing services to older adolescents will explore the risks associated with foster care, and why this population is more likely to experience negative outcomes. This overview will also evaluate services currently being offered to older adolescents, and provide suggestions which may improve service provision to this population.

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Aging Out of Foster Care