AS06 Cognition and MemoryCE
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Cognition refers to mental processes such as intelligence, learning, and memory. The ways in which we perceive, recall, reason, make decisions, solve problems, and make sense of the world around us are all cognitive processes. Does intelligence decline with aging? Is memory loss inevitable as we grow old? These are questions that gerontologists who study cognitive processes among older adults have focused on during the past few decades. This course will discuss two of the most common modes of studying cognition in later life are the psychometric model and the information processing model. In this course, you will learn more about how society constructs old age as a distinct period of life. We will consider the importance of social class, race and ethnicity, and gender in defining people’s lives and opportunities. We will also focus on the myths and inaccuracies our culture perpetuates about aging, individuals in later life, and the process of growing old. Such beliefs not only pattern our own expectations about growing old but also have social, personal, and political consequences for older people themselves. We will also examine career opportunities in social gerontology. How gerontology developed as a field of study and the research methods used in social gerontology are also discussed.

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AS06 Cognition and Memory