AS08 Work, Retirement, and LeisureCE
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Most of us spend at least some of our adult life working or looking for employment. Some of us choose not to work for paid money and engage in volunteer work while a parent may stay home for periods of time to care for young children and stay out of the labor force. For those who are part of the labor force as they approach older age, issues of retirement become a concern, and finding time for leisure is always a concern. This course will discuss the labor force, how participation is calculated, factors affecting participation, issues surrounding retirement, and how adults approach leisure in later life. In this course, you will learn more about how society constructs old age as a distinct period of life. We will consider the importance of social class, race and ethnicity, and gender in defining people’s lives and opportunities. We will also focus on the myths and inaccuracies our culture perpetuates about aging, individuals in later life, and the process of growing old. Such beliefs not only pattern our own expectations about growing old but also have social, personal, and political consequences for older people themselves. We will also examine career opportunities in social gerontology. How gerontology developed as a field of study and the research methods used in social gerontology are also discussed.

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AS08 Work, Retirement, and Leisure