Foster Parents and Case Managers: CommunicationCE
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Foster parents are the primary driving force to ensure that children in foster care achieve permanency. In addition to providing homes for children in care, foster parents provide essential information to case managers about how foster children are functioning in the home, school, and community. Recognition of the importance of foster parents has led many agencies and advocates in the child welfare system to call for increased collaboration with case managers to ensure better outcomes for foster children. However, many foster parents report having poor communication with case managers and feeling undervalued. Through understanding the permanency goals of foster children and knowing what information case managers need, foster parents can both improve communication and become a more active participant in ensuring better outcomes in foster care. This course will overview how foster parents can communicate effectively with case managers, offer suggestions to improve communication and collaboration, and highlight the expectations case managers have when working with foster parents.

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Foster Parents and Case Managers: Communication