Strengthening Families in Foster CareCE
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Thousands of children in the foster care system continue to need quality foster care and adoptive parents to achieve permanency. Although the need for more foster and adoptive parents is ever present, the stress of caring for special needs children and a lack of support make many foster and adoptive homes unstable. Case management professionals in the child welfare system play an important role in supporting foster and adoptive parents. By effectively communicating with foster and adoptive parents and making them feel valued, case management professionals can encourage those who feel overwhelmed while also making them an important part of the larger foster care system. Through targeted service provision and after care services, case management professionals are able to provide the resources needed to strengthen and preserve foster and adoptive families. This course provides an overview of how to strengthen foster and adoptive families. This overview will explore the barriers to successful adoptions in foster care and discuss resources that can strengthen and preserve adoptive and foster families in order to ensure permanency for children in the child welfare system.

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Strengthening Families in Foster Care