Supporting Older Caregivers in Foster CareCE
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An increasing number of grandparents find themselves as the primary caregivers for one or more of their grandchildren. While sometimes temporary guardians, about 10% of grandparents will provide care for their grandchildren for at least six months, and many of those will become sole guardians. While grandparents provide kinship care when a child is involved with the child welfare system, many older adults have challenges providing a stable home for the children in their care. Grandparents raising grandchildren either on a temporary or more permanent basis require supportive services for the diverse and often unexpected needs of children in their care. Foster care professionals are the primary source for connecting families with the needed financial, respite, mental health, and other support needs that may arise. This course will explore the data surrounding the increasing numbers of custodial grandparents (older caregivers) in the U.S. and the challenges facing this population. This course will also explore the needs of older caregivers involved with the foster care system and the necessary supports available for them to provide the necessary tools for stabilizing children and adolescents in their homes.

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Supporting Older Caregivers in Foster Care