Duke Integrative Medicine: Health Behavior Change
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Health Behavior Change is designed to provide essential skills to impact patient outcomes for providers working in healthcare organizations. The course teaches participants how to integrate personal health planning and health behavior change skills into their practice. Participants learn patient engagement skills, the personal health planning model and receive critical materials to implement this approach in practice to improve patient outcomes. The Health Behavior Change course answers the following questions: 1) How can providers effectively utilize patient self-assessments in addition to medical recommendations to assist patients in planning and setting their health goals? 2) What strategies can providers use to help patients create success-oriented health goals? 3) What are effective strategies to follow-up on patient action? 4) How can providers help patients maintain successful health behavior change and complete a series of health behavior focused visits? 5) What are resources to help providers implement preventive health visits in their practice?

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Duke Integrative Medicine: Health Behavior Change