Client-Patient Grievances for Direct Support ProfessionalsCE
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While there are a number of reasons for individuals to experience poor outcomes in treatment, there are occasions when the failure to complete part or all of treatment results from something done by the professionals overseeing treatment and not the client. When the client is not responsible for a treatment failure, they may view that as a grievance against their provider. Grievances are defined as written complaints by a client stating that a facility, program, or provider wrongly denied them, reduced, or terminated services. Grievance procedures can help both providers and clients navigate treatment failures. When done correctly, grievance procedures are a win-win for both service providers and the community that they serve. This overview of patient/client grievances will take an in-depth look at client rights and how they are connected to the grievance process in both healthcare and behavioral health settings. The overview will also explore situations where clients would file a grievance before discussing the application and appeals process.

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Client-Patient Grievances for Direct Support Professionals